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1890 Benz Photo Details
1890 Benz Photo
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1890 Benz
Condition: Mint

Description: when karl Benz applied for a patent on january 29, 1886, for his "vehicle with gas engine operation," little did he realize that his invention would change the world. Patent drp 37435 is regarded as the birth certificate of the automobile. The Benz patent motor car, test drives of which were already carried out in autumn 1885, was the world's first automobile. This incredibly accurate and wonderfully detailed replica of the first Benz automobile was built by john bentley engineering in england, one of 90 or so commissioned by mercedes-Benz and available through the classic center in germany. Exact in the tiniest details, it serves as the perfect centerpiece of any significant mercedes-Benz collection or as brilliant static art in your living room. Indeed, the final run of replicas were sold by mercedes-Benz to their dealers as functional 1:1 scale models, presumably to avoid liability issues. Whatever the case, the vehicle is drivable just as the original was, and will delight both the driver and onlookers with its unique operation. It is both an homage and a unique opportunity to own an otherwise unobtainable piece of historythe very first automobile. Bentley's craftsmanship is surely worlds better than the primitive manufacturing procedures that produced the first prototype, and the finish work on this model is absolutely show quality in every way. From the beautifully finished wood to the polished brass and flawless paintwork, it truly is a piece able to be displayed as art rather than as a transportation appliance. It's fascinating to see the primitive ancestors of many components that we may still recognize today, including the carburetor, differential and a very early version of the cvt (constantly variable transmission). No miles and has been housed in a private museum. This is 1 of only 175 black replicas produced and built exclusively for mercedes Benz of america. Each mercedes Benz dealer was allocated only one to be displayed in their dealership in 2006 for the anniversary of the first Benz. This is a limited edition that comes up for sale infrequently. Many authorities note that these bentley-built replicas have become a commodity in and of themselves, with a stable, known value to collectors. Because of their primitive nature, very few are actually driven, and many, like this one, remain in factory-fresh condition. It is not unreasonable to assume that their values will continue to remain steady for the foreseeable futureas sports car market' magazine puts it: unless a stahlrad wagen replica owner's club forms and puts on a wine and cheese tour in bordeaux that would make these cars the flavor of the month, they will always sell for the cost of production. And compared to most "instant" collectibles, that's a smokin' deal.' price: $79,000

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