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1929 Rolls-Royce 20HP Photo Details
1929 Rolls-Royce 20HP Photo
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1929 Rolls-Royce 20HP
Interior Color: Grey
Exterior Color: Blue
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Excellent

Description: there is no other name in the world of the automobile that speaks of class and elegance louder than Rolls-Royce. When speaking of the marque, it is simply referred to as the best, the finest, and the absolute pinnacle of perfection. When charles stewart rolls and frederick henry royce first created their motorcar company back in 1904, neither could have predicted that their endeavor would outlast each of them and go on to literally define the very best in craftsmanship, materials, and construction. Perhaps sir henry royce said it best when he stated whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.' when Rolls-Royce set about to compliment their line-up with a smaller car, they introduced the 20 horsepower in 1922, which would stay in production until 1929. Code-named as the goshawk,' it was easily recognized by its horizontal radiator shudders, which were ultimately changed to Rolls-Royce's more tradition vertical arrangement in its last years. The small size of baby Rolls-Royce' was an immediate favorite by the various coachbuilders of the day and its smaller size meant that the model 20 was a fine handling motorcar. In the end, it proved to be the perfect addition to the Rolls-Royce line-up. Offered here to the discriminating collector of ultra-fine motorcars is this stunning 1928 Rolls-Royce 20 convertible, complete with coachwork by france's finest body company binder. Binder supplied custom coach built bodies for france's finest members of society with an uncompromising attention to both quality and detail. This incredible creation from binder features a split front windshield and a three-position top. The Rolls-Royce attention to detail is clearly evident in the fine engineering of this timeless masterpiece. The dashboard carries full instrumentation, along with a brass plate presented in 1982 that celebrates Rolls-Royce's silver jubilee rally. Under the hood is the fine craftsmanship that one would expect from Rolls-Royce, with its inline six-cylinder engine that is a marvel of engineering. This model 20 wears an older restoration and is also eligible for all concours events. While somewhat smaller and easier to handle than the average large Rolls-Royce, the spirit of ecstasy still flies proudly on the traditionally designed radiator. This binder creation also carries stephen grebel headlights; as well as a period correct greble spotlight. Overall, this model 20 is a fine example that represents a special chapter in Rolls-Royce history. The Rolls-Royce name is still alive today and the very name itself still represents the very best in automobiles. Through it all, the name has stood the test of time with the famous ghosts, phantoms, dawn, clouds, and wraiths all carrying the Rolls-Royce name. This model 20 with its fine binder body is a car that clearly displays the mystical magic of the Rolls-Royce name. It is a car that will be a great addition to any fine motorcar collection. Price: $125,000 obo

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