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1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane Photo Details
1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane Photo
1947 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane
Interior Color: Blue
Exterior Color: Mint Green
Transmission: Auto

Description: 2.0 liter 6 cylinder semi-automatic transmission drophead (convertible top) mint "1947 armstrong- siddeley Hurricane" manufactured in coventry, england this post world war ii limited production car was named after the famous raf Hurricane ww ii fighter plane which was built by the armstrong-siddeley company in its automobile plant in coventry. This car has many unique features, few of which are found on any car. For starters it has an aluminum body on a wood frame (a natural for a company that switched from airplanes to cars). Next, the front brakes are hydraulic and the rear are mechanical. It has a pre-select gearbox (transmission) which is neither manual nor automatic! It has a three position convertible top, which can be in a full up position, over the rear passengers only position, or all the way down position. And finally it has a hinged rear bumper that can be lowered to provide access to the spare tire. Rare for the period but not unique are the "suicide" doors that open from the front and the windows that are operated by aircraft cables. It also has built-in jacks for raising the car in the event it is necessary to change a tire. This car is powered by a 2.0 liter six-cylinder engine. Price: $49,950

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