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1955 Chevrolet Nomad Photo Details
1955 Chevrolet Nomad Photo
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1955 Chevrolet Nomad
Interior Color: Matador red and White
Exterior Color: Matador Red and India Ivory
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Mint

Description: some of the greatest cars to ever grace the road got their start as manufacturer dream cars. These were the fin studded chrome wonders that were built without regard to production numbers or cost. In the 1950s, some the wildest designs were found at gm's motorama shows and it was during these years that gm found an outlet to dazzle the public about the wonders of tomorrow. For 1954, Chevrolet unveiled a new concept car based on the corvette called the Nomad.the Nomad was a sporty looking wagon that was far ahead of its time. Hardtop styling in a two-door wagon that was available with v-8 power was something new. The motoring public fell in love with its sporty hardtop look and it wasn't long before thoughts of production began to surface. The top brass at gm loved the car as well, but would only approve production if the Nomad could be built on a standard and more popular gm model. Marketing studies had suggested that more would be sold if the Nomad was part of Chevrolet's popular bel air line. So it was that the Nomad made its appearance in 1955 as Chevrolet's premier station wagon. the rest,' as they say, is history.' offered here is a stunning example of the Nomad legacy, a beautiful first year 1955 model finished in india ivory and matador red. Tasteful and elegant are perhaps the two best words that describe this beautiful classic 1950s cruiser. The fit and finish of this Nomad's body carries the craftsmanship and precision of a concours restoration. The paint is expertly finished and gleams like new. All chrome and stainless steel is expertly finished all looks great. A period correct visor also nicely accents the front windshield and a set of twin spotlights make for a commanding presence. On the inside this Nomad presents as new with beautifully upholstered red and white seats and a dashboard that speaks directly to the flamboyant era of the 1950s. The headliner is perfect and all trim pieces that are unique to the Nomad are accounted for and in excellent condition. Power for this Nomad comes from Chevrolet's tried and proven 265 v-8 with the power-pack option that featured a four-barrel carburetor that increased horsepower to 180. The overall fit and finish of this Nomad is certainly impressive from any angle and it's also a car that has no trouble keeping up with modern traffic. The Nomad was a car that was like no other and although its two-door form lasted only until 1957, it remains a beautiful wagon that still turns heads wherever it goes. In their day they were perhaps the most glamorous wagons to ever grace the roadway. Indeed, the only Chevrolet for 1955 that was more expensive than the Nomad was the corvette. This example with its fine restoration and dedication to authenticity is a Nomad that can sit in the finest collections while offering excellent touring fun of any distance with plenty of room for luggage to spare. Price: $62,500

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