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1957 Chevrolet Nomad Photo Details
1957 Chevrolet Nomad Photo
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1957 Chevrolet Nomad
Interior Color: Black/Silver
Exterior Color: Black
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Excellent

Description: the 1950s gave us some of the most iconic rolling artwork to ever grace the road. These were big cars that paid tribute to the jet age with their wild fins and also featured a wide array of fantastic colors. Some car companies even went so far as to feature three different colors, a feat that could only be accomplished in the 1950s. In particular, Chevrolet was a styling leader for the 1950s and their fine cars were everywhere. A major body change in 1955 gave Chevrolets a whole new look and by 1957 it had evolved into one of the most iconic cruisers on the american road. Indeed, when we think of the 1950s, the 1957 chevy with its gargantuan front-end and long tail fins is the car we think of. Chevy offered their 1957 line-up in a number of dazzling trim packages and body styles, but none were higher than the bel air. The bel air was available as a sedan, hardtop, and convertible, but the highest form of the series was the Nomad wagon. One would hardly think that a wagon could claim the top spot, but its lofty price of $2,857 with v-8 power was even higher than the convertible at $2,611. Clearly, the Nomad was a beautiful car and its price reflected that. Offered here is an outstanding example of the Nomad heritage, a 1957 finished in beautiful classic black. The 1950s are alive once again in this classic cruiser that's perfect for the whole family. The clean crisp lines of the Nomad are faultless with its nice mid-line trim molding that opens up to a nicely anodized accent on the rear quarter panel. Of course, the bel air script is also featured prominently on the rear and the extensive use of wraparound glass also adds a touch of class to the Nomad. This example is also fitted with factory air-conditioning.on the inside this Nomad features a two-tone black and gray interior that's speaks directly to the heart of the beautiful interiors of the mid-1950s. Chevrolet's for 1957 rode on a 115-inch wheelbase, which gave them a smooth and comfortable ride. More than one gas station attendant was also confused when looking for the filler neck, which was neatly hidden into the left tailfin. This 1957 Nomad is an excellent condition car that is ready for both show and go. The year 1957 would turn out to be the last for the two-door Nomad. Perhaps the two-door wagon was just too radical, but the styling of this remarkable car remains one of the highlights of Chevrolet's products in the 1950s. This Nomad with its fine condition and dedication to authenticity is a car that stands ready for any duty while also offering fun for the whole family. Price: $54,500 obo

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