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1960 Buick LeSabre Photo Details
1960 Buick LeSabre Photo
1960 Buick LeSabre
Interior Color: Red
Exterior Color: Bright Red
Condition: Excellent

Description: we didn't think it was possible to make the 1960 Buick LeSabre convertible more dramatic, but the guy who built this incredible ragtop has risen to the challenge. With big block power, the perfect stance, and sizzling red paint, this car is all about being noticed. Buick nailed the look in 1960, offering all the things that made the 1950s so awesome, only in a more sophisticated package. Never have there been more edges on a car, and with some of them stretching nearly eighteen feet long, this car simple demands attention. Fortunately, it stands up to the close scrutiny as the bodywork is absolutely spectacular in every way, from the mile-deep finish, to the minor custom touches that involve shaved door handles and some minor trim being deleted. Two-stage urethane paint with a high-quality buff job makes this car dazzling in the sunlight and if you're a trophy collector, this car will certainly help you win. The trim that wasn't shaved remains in place and restored to show condition, ranging from the incredibly ornate bumper and cool v-shaped hood trim to the stainless that outlines the fins and the jet-inspired taillights. There's not one component on this car that isn't both beautifully designed and expertly restored. The two-tone red and white interior has a period-correct look that matches the extroverted bodywork for in-your-face appeal. You'll note that aside from the patterns, the interior is quite stock and i'm guessing that there's not a modern gauge manufacturer anywhere that can top Buick's mirromagic speedometer setup. The cool 2-spoke steering wheel is definitely a product of the jet age, and all the secondary controls are arrayed in a bright silver panel just below the main dash. Aircraft-style levers control heat and ventilation and a trick custom center console houses things like the am/fm/cd stereo head unit, a cup holder, and a set of auxiliary gauges. There are also controls for the air ride system and a docking station for your ipod, the cornerstone of a stereo system that cost more than $3000 all by itself. The trunk is beautifully finished with original-style carpets and custom side panels that hide the subwoofers, amplifiers, and air ride componentry, and still leave a ton of room for cargo. There's also the white power convertible top that fits beautifully and stows under a matching red boot. The original nailhead is gone and in its place is a built 455 cubic inch big block v8. Dressed in proper dante red, it almost looks like it could have been born there, but with an extra 54 cubic inches over the original powerplant, it gives the LeSabre the moves of a much lighter, smaller car. The engine is freshly rebuilt with receipts, as was the th400 3-speed automatic transmission, a big upgrade over the original dynaflow. The engine bay looks fairly modern with the v8 in place, and it also includes things like a new alternator and power steering and brakes, which are probably necessary on a beauty this size. The exhaust is a custom setup with a crossover and glasspack-style muffler, and the stock suspension has bene augmented with the aforementioned air bag suspension for that ''slammed'' look. That low stance is especially effective thanks to gorgeous 20-inch intro wheels wearing 255/35/20 front and 275/35/20 rear nitto radials. It's not as if the LeSabre needed to be any more extroverted, but if you like the look you're going to love the way this one drives. The price on this custom won't keep it in our showroom long. Call today! Price: $56,995

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