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1965 Shelby Cobra Photo Details
1965 Shelby Cobra Photo
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1965 Shelby Cobra
Interior Color: Black
Exterior Color: Viking Blue
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Mint

Description: the Cobra offered here, csx7005, is without doubt one of the very finest and most correct continuations currently on the market. Csx7005 was completed by Shelby american on may 31, 2000 as part of a limited run of 10 signature series continuation Shelby 289 fia Cobras. This series was designed personally by mr. Carroll Shelby and incorporated many of the modifications which would have been done to the original fia spec race cars had Shelby american put the 289 Cobra through one final evolution. This car was built with original spec transverse leaf spring suspension along with a daytona coupe tunnel for further stiffening. Upon completion, csx2005 was used by Shelby american for a north american promotional tour from 2000 to 2005. During this time, the car was equipped with a 302 crate engine. The current owner of the automobile, in plain language, is absolutely obsessed with the details and has just recently finished a total restoration of the car which included building the car to period correct 289 fia standards with an eye for even the smallest details. The car was finished in 1964 Shelby american team livery and a date coded 289 was made into a 347 stroker and dressed with 1964 dated italian weber carburetors, original Shelby american weber intake, correct fuel log, and correct valve covers. No expense was spared in replicating with great precision a period correct Shelby american fia Cobra engine compartment right down to the carb linkage. Only the very best parts available were used in the build of this car. The engine is hooked up to a correct oil cooler and lines and transmits power through a close ratio 5 speed tremec transmission, though the original t10 is available with the car. The motor which is currently in the car has been dyno'd to 526 horsepower and 485 ft/lb of torque and breaths through a correct set of 289 fia side exhaust. The car sounds and drives just as insanely well as you might imagine after reading the prior sentence. From a cosmetic standpoint the car is absolutely immaculate. A fresh repaint in 1964 Shelby american team viking blue has just been completed and the car currently features white roundels with the number 16 in them. These roundels are vinyl and can be easily changed or removed if the next owner so desires. The interior of csx7005 features the iconic ken miles style driver's seat (original seat comes with the car), correct wheel, gauges, and forward braced roll bar. To top it all off, csx7005 has a specially ordered moto lita 16 inch steering wheel with all the correct bends, just like the original cars had. The car also features a complete halon racing fire system which includes nozzles for the driver as well as the carbs. In the trunk, the car features a correct long distance fia gas tank, which houses a fuel cell, along with a spare wheel and tonneau cover. The car has recently undergone a complete safety check and race prep at maeco motorsports, a renowned Cobra and gt350 race prep team. Csx7005 currently sits on original pin drive five spoke magnesium fia halibrands shod in avon c6zrr race tires. All in all, what you have here is perhaps the most correct continuation Cobra on the market today. This car was used by Shelby american early in its life and is built to the absolute highest standards. Csx7005 is a turn-key machine that is, without a doubt, a car which belongs in the hands of a Cobra purist. Price: $149,500

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