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1966 Ford Mustang Photo Details
1966 Ford Mustang Photo
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1966 Ford Mustang
Interior Color: Black
Exterior Color: Black
Transmission: Auto
Condition: Mint

Description: the shelby is a higher performance variant of the Ford Mustang, which was built by shelby american from 1965 to 1967. The 1965-1966 cars were the smallest and lightest of the gt 350 models. These cars are often called "cobras", which was the Ford-powered ac-based two-seat sports car also produced by shelby american during the same period. Both models use the cobra emblem, similar paint scheme, and the optional "cobra" valve covers on many gt350s that were part of a marketing tie-in by shelby, as well as one of his iconic symbols. For 1966, the gt 350 lost its Mustang tag and was marketed simply as the shelby gt 350. The new model year also saw the introduction of non-white colors, including blue, red, green, and black. Other changes included special rear quarter-panel windows replacing the factory extractor vents, functional brake scoops on each side, and optional select shift 3-speed automatic, as well as an optional paxton supercharger. The battery was no longer relocated to the trunk for 1966, and the over-rider traction bars were changed to under ride traction bars. The normal factory fold-down rear seat was optional. While early 1965 cars had black engine blocks, 1966 and later cars had their engines painted the regular factory Ford dark blue. The 1966 models came with a dual-exhaust exiting in the rear. The first 252 gt 350s for 1966 began as 1965 Mustang k-code fastbacks. These cars were specifically ordered by shelby american for conversion into 1966 gt 350s. Upon delivery to shelby-american, the cars were randomly picked for conversion. The shelby vins do not correspond in numerical order with Ford vins. The Ford vins were shipped in 'blocks,' but many differ significantly because the order they were taken for conversions. Total production for 1966 was 1,373 fastbacks, including two prototypes and four drag cars, and the 252 early production models with Ford Mustang 1965 bodies. The hertz rental company ordered 1,003 fastbacks, including two prototypes. Shelby struck a deal with the hertz corporation to produce a special line of g.t. 350s for rent that, after their rental-car lives were finished, were returned to Ford, refurbished, and sold to the public as "gt 350-h" models, which is what we are here offering. Most hertz cars featured gold lemans stripes and rocker panel stripes, although a few were white with blue stripes. The first 85 hertz cars were available with four-speed manual transmissions and hertz advertised them as "rent-a-racer" cars. Hertz ordered the last 800 models with black paint, gold stripes and black interior, as well as automatic transmissions. About this car sold new to hertz rent a car (936 cars were supplied to hertz rent a car in 1966. Nicknamed the rent a racer hertz rented for $17us a day 17c /mile) - after 1 year, only approx 650 were ever returned to Ford to be sold by their dealerships. This car was resold through Ford in national city, california usa and later registered in seattle, washington for the 1970 - 76 period, then from 1976 to 1996, it was stored in the central washington, seattle area. Imported to nz in almost original state 1996 at 71500 miles - five owners since. Engine: 90 degree v8 bore / stroke: 4.00 / 2.27inc capacity: 289 cubic inches (4735cc) carburetion: 1 x 4v Ford max power: 306hp approx 6000rpm max torque: 300 ft lbs approx 4200rpm transmission: c4 3spd automatic final drive: 3.5:1 suspension: front - independent coil / rear: live axle, leaf springs, traction bars brakes: power assisted - front: four piston disc / rear: drum steering: recirculating ball / 19:1. Ratio car was featured on the nz classic car magazine issue #: 145 of january 2003 (copy available and comes with car). Car number 1388 (serial #:sfm6s1388) of around 2100 66 shelbys - at a low mileage of 81k's (circa 120,000kms) low in terms of the original production-run number, and even lower in terms of the survival rate, the gt350h stands today as one of the world's most incredible rental cars. Car reflects the care that all previous owners have taken to preserve it, which is unusual for an ex rental, especially in the united states. Just had $1500 tune up to take 98 octane. Still has all original shelby components. Fully overhauled motor to original shelby specs circa 300 miles ago. Note: shelby number 1388 matches the original Ford vin number - as confirmed by howard e pardee of the shelby american automobile club 1965 & 1966 shelby registrar in america serial number sfm6s1388 - the Ford serial number corresponds with the shelby serial number we have on file. The files we referenced came directly from the shelby american factory records' - 5th september 2012. Besides looks and all, this car is, in our opinion, a one very important, iconic vehicle - a rock solid investment for the serious investor - in hard to find automotive black and gold. International shipping can be organised on this vehicle on buyer's behalf at buyers cost. Viewing is strictly by prior appointment only.

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