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1972 Chevrolet Camaro Photo Details
1972 Chevrolet Camaro Photo
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1972 Chevrolet Camaro
Exterior Color: Pewter Silver
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Manual

For sale in our fort lauderdale showroom is a rare, real, and special 1972 Chevrolet Camaro ss. Whats so rare and special about this 72 Camaro ss for sale you ask? What if i were to tell you that this is believed to be that last big block chevy Camaro ss ever built? Before we dig into the numbers, its better to go back in time, with a history lesson: Chevrolet continued to refine the 2nd generation of Camaros. But, due to a 174 day strike beginning on april 7, no cars left norwood ohio, which was the only plant producing the f-body. When the strike ended, 1100 partially completed cars were scrapped or donated to vocational schools since it would be too expensive to modify them to conform to stricter 73 bumper & emission regulations. It is estimated that 39,000 Camaro??s and firebird??s werent built, worth an estimated $125 million to dealers. This being said, numbers have been run on every vehicle prior to the strike (emissions conformities put an end to big block Camaros) and have suggested that this was the last big block Camaro ever produced! Only 970 big block Camaro ss were produced in 1972! After meticulous research, this Camaro was found to be an original ss. The engine, transmission, and rear end (3.42 gear ratio) are original to this car. As you can tell by the vin and trim tags, all numbers coincide and all options are represented in the fashion described by the date of build. Of the 63,830 v8 Camaro??s built, only 970 (about 1.50of them were ??u? vin true ss cars. Of that number, it is purported that less than 300 were built with factory air; this particular car has both. This 72 Camaro ss for sale is powered by a well built 402 cubic inch Chevrolet big block v8. This 1972 Camaro for sale was rebuilt to not only be fun, but also dependable and safe. Keeping with its numbers matching drivetrain and original gm roots, this Camaro was built with performance upgrades while still maintaining that stock appearance, to the eye. The 402 underwent an extensive rebuild, spared at no expense. The block was fully prepared to receive a fresh steel crank, keith black pistons, and a comp cams full roller camshaft and roller topped rockers valve train. The compression was kept at a mild 10.2:1, still affording the option of pump gas, but keeping the performance more in line with what one would think a big block chevy should produce. The full roller cam used in this build was recommended by comp because of its performance enhancing lift and duration, but it??s mild manners due to an increased lobe separation angle that ensure full closure of each valve on each engine cycle which eliminates a lot of the ??lopiness? usually found in a cam of this specification. It was an excellent choice for this build and still allows for the usefulness of the upgraded r134 a/c system. The heads were meticulously massaged and topped off with a full complement of comp springs, retainers and keepers, new valve guides, seats, swirl back valves and viton seals. The heads were fully ported, port matched to the original cast intake and the valves received a five angle valve job to ensure fit and seal. The engine was topped off by a sean murphy induction restoration rebuild of the original 1972 quadra-jet carburetor. Once installed it was re-jetted and new metering rods installed to maximize the performance requirements of this upgraded roller cam set-up and magnificent head work. Though dyno numbers havent been recorded, builders alike have agreed that similar builds have often put down numbers close to the 500 hp range, with 550-600 lbs ft of torque. The ignition system in this car was upgraded to a pertronix iii flamethrower electronic ignition module and coil. The only visible difference is an extra wire exiting the numbers correct distributor discernible to a trained eye. This was done to not only feed the fires of a big block, but also to improve reliability of the usually unreliable points system. Staying true to form, but upgraded in a way to enhance not only the sound but also the performance of the engine, the full dual exhaust was upgraded to a 2 ‚ inch flowmaster system. Exiting the ceramic coated cast manifolds from the factory would be a performance choking 2 ‚ inch system mandated by the new emissions standards. This system retains the transverse muffler mount as per the factory, but is generously wrapped with heat reduction tape to prevent heat intrusion into the cabin. It is solidly mounted using the factory mount locations modified for the larger pipes. The sound screams vintage muscle car and has the right amount of rumble, crispiness, and tone. There are many, many more details that could be included in this build, but none would match just listening to the purr of this big block and feel the command of the 4 speed under your fingertips as you slip the 11? centerforce clutch into gear, and it bites on the new 33 lb. Billet flywheel transmitting raw power through your hand to the whole car. To drive this car, you feel as if thought youve been transplanted back into the golden era of muscle machines! With all of this go, this 72 Camaro ss for sale was also built with plenty of handling and stopping power. The brakes on this vehicle are new all the way around. The rear retains the stock drum configuration, but the fronts, although they retain the original d52 calipers, have been upgraded to a set of full drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads. The factory sway bars on the front and rear were upgraded to 1? from the smaller ‚? factory bars. The leaf springs were replaced and the rear was outfitted with factory optional ac air shocks for a very smooth and quiet ride. The exterior is a factory shade of pewter silver metallic. With black stripes, this 72 chevy for sale looks lean and mean! The exterior looks like it just rolled off the assembly line in 1972. The split bumper, rear spoiler, and tail lights have the sexy and sleek look most people love about early 70s cars. The interior speaks for itself with vintage style and phenomenal condition. The black vinyl sport buckets are inviting as they beg you to sit down and place one hand on the wheel and one hand on the shifter. The only major upgrade that would suggest that this Camaro for sale isnt purely 100k blast from the past, is the radio. The system in this car was upgraded to a retro sound system connected to a small amplifier. This system incorporates many of the enhancements youd expect from a sound system including bluetooth capability, aux input and ipod connectivity. Whether you want the windows up, a/c on, and music down low, or the windows down, music up, and exhaust revving, this car provides you with it all! Options on this 1972 chevy Camaro ss 402 for sale include: a/c (needs charge), am/fm radio, power brakes, power steering, seat belts, vinyl interior, and rally wheels with raised white letter radial tires. To see more hd pictures and video please visit for more information please call the fort lauderdale showroom at or e-mail us at .

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