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1973 BMW 3.0CSL Photo Details
1973 BMW 3.0CSL Photo
1973 BMW 3.0CSL
Interior Color: Black
Exterior Color: Silver
Transmission: Manual

Description: 1973 BMW 3.0 csl batmobile vin: 2275483 documented batmobile csl by BMW number 52 of the 110 first batch 3.2 injection cars owned by racing legend and indy 500 winner bobby rahal feature article in bimmer magazine 2275483 is a rare BMW 3.0 csl, which was manufactured on september 6th, 1973 and delivered on september 17th, 1973 to the german BMW dealer mayer in kleinostheim. The original color was polaris metallic, paint code 060. The car would be in connecticut in the '90s, before it was purchased in by southern california BMW restorer ron perry from a gentleman in phoenix arizona, and then sold to racing legend bobby rahal in february 2012. Rahal insisted on a comprehensive restoration that had to be perfect, as well built to a concours level of correctness. The goal was to take the car to compete at monterey week's legends of autobahn event. The ensuing work was as detailed as a restoration can get, with a complete strip down of the car, and building it back up piece by piece. Any part that was replaced was bought directly from BMW, and every else was meticulously refurbished. The result was a win at legends of autobahn. After the event, rahal had the trademark rear window aero hoop removed, but left on the rubber fins that adorn the front fenders. This particular batmobile did not leave the factory with the rear wing, as it was fitted with an aluminum trunk lid rather than the steel one fitted on the winged cars. The only concession rahal made during the restoration was to install a 5-speed getrag transmission in place of its original 4-speed. His intention was to really drive the car, and the 5-speed transmission suits the csl's power perfectly. As with any extensive restoration the devil is in sorting out the details afterwards. This job was given to rahal's preferred shop closer to home, the werks shop in libertyvile, il. In 2014 they would spend another 400 hours dialing in the csl so that it drove as well as it looked. 2275483 is one of the finest examples we have seen. The underside of the car is immaculate, and the interior, from the correct scheel sport seats to the dash woodwork, looks as new. Fully detailed and serviced, this csl is ready to represent one of BMW's finest hours. About the csl the 3.0 csl is a lightweight, performance-oriented version of the standard 3.0 cs/3.0 csi e9 coupe. It was originally developed as a homologation model for the german touring car championship by a separate division within BMW ag, a division that would later become BMW motorsport. Assembled at the karmann werkes in rheine, germany, the 3.0 csl was first unveiled at the 1971 geneva motor show to critical acclaim. For a homologation special that came out in an oil crisis costing more than an aston martin there is no wonder just over 1000 were produced. The l in csl stood for lightweight. According to official BMW figures, a non-optioned 3.0 csl with all the aluminum body panels weighs 2,568 pounds or about 440 pounds less than an equivalent 3.0 cs. Being a homologation special, much like the porsche carrera rs, the car came specially fitted with modifications that would benefit it in the racing world. Later models came with extravagant spoilers and wings in addition to the optional front airdam and rear spoiler. The 3.2-liter csl models could be fitted with a removable racing kit consisting of an front airdam, air guide mounted above the rear window, a rear spoiler, and a rear wing, all designed to increase downforce on the competition machines. The addition of these rather striking appendages resulted in the nickname 'batmobile.' because these items were required on the road version for homologation purpose but could not be installed at the factory due to a conflict with various european laws, they were supplied as the removable kit. Thus equipped the 'batmobiles' were able to defeat the previously all-conquering ford capri rs2600s. Toine hezemans captured the 1973 european touring car championship for BMW at the wheel of a 3.0 csl, and co-drove one to a class win at le mans that year with dieter quester. Ford bounced back in 1974, but from 1975 onwards the BMW 'batmobiles' won five consecutive european touring car championships, a quite unprecedented run of success. BMW developed four different versions of the street going 3.0 csl over five years, all to european specification. The original version, produced in late 1971 and early 1972, utilized the standard 2,985-cc m30 engine with twin carburetors and was only offered in left-hand drive. A fuel-injected model displacing 3,003cc then replaced the earlier carbureted version and was produced in both left-hand drive and right-hand drive forms during late 1972 and early 1973. The final iteration of the 3.0 csl, all produced in left-hand drive and with a larger 3,153-cc engine, was built in two distinct production runs during late 1973 (first batch) and 1974-75 (second batch). -

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