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1987 Buick GNX Photo Details
1987 Buick GNX Photo
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1987 Buick GNX
Interior Color: Black and grey Original interior
Exterior Color: Black
Condition: Excellent

Description: here is an absolutely beautiful 1987 Buick GNX that is in very nice condition. This GNX has only been driven 37k miles since new!!! This gorgeous GNX has been well cared for since new and it shows. This is a very well documented GNX that car comes with a stack of paperwork and a binder documenting this car as a true GNX. In the binder is the history of the car including original window sticker, copy of original mso, copies of previous owners titles, and even letters from previous owners to the next documenting their ownership of the car as a collector car. These cars were not inexpensive when new and rivaled the corvette in pricing, while vastly out performing them on the strip/street! This car truly is like a time capsule! This car comes with the original keys, books, tools, unused spare, window sticker etc... The car is absolutely gorgeous and a great find. The car is all original and unmodified down to the radio. The fit of the panels are excellent, everything on the car lines up really well and the doors still open and close like the car did when it was brand new. This is a nice GNX with a solid floor pan and is rust free. The car runs and drives beautifully. It fires right up and is incredibly fast, the brakes are powerful and the factory sport suspension is very tight and the car handles beautifully. This car has a spectacular look that grabs everyone's attention. The all blacked out theme was ahead of its time and advertisements for the GNX referred to this car as "the dark side" and "lord vaders car" these are great cars to go for a quick blast down the road or for a nice scenic drive. It is amazing how comfortable an almost 400hp car can be! These cars were extremely quick and were one of the fastest cars in 1987 money could buy plus with such a limited production, makes this car one of the most collectible cars of the 80s. For reference ferrari made almost 3 times as many f40s! There are over 200 high quality pictures of this beautiful GNX. Please let the ad load completely and then scroll down. Price: $59,750 obo

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