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2005 Ford Mustang Photo Details
2005 Ford Mustang Photo
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2005 Ford Mustang
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Manual

If youre familiar with saleen Mustangs, you already know that theyre not just hot-rod Fords, theyre special full-production cars in their own right. This 2005 saleen Mustang shows you just how much polish the saleen engineers were able to add to the Mustang, creating something thats definitely worth the substantial premium they were charging. Bright red works on any Mustang, but after you spot this one on the horizon roaring towards you, a number of details start to jump out. First, it looks a heck of a lot sleeker than any garden-variety Mustang youve seen. Part of the credit goes to the monochromatic red paint, which is as deep and shiny as anything youd find on high-end exotics. But the saleen details, including the body kit, make the Mustang look like something else without removing its basic familiarity. The use of a base-model hood certainly helps with the super smooth image, and the blacked-out grille with special marker lights on either side makes a different head-on view. Deep side skirts work with the chin spoiler to visually lower the car and the saleen guys add their own completely custom rear fascia that slips on in place of the original. And theres also a new deck lid that extends the tunnel effect in back, framing the revised taillights. Now why is all this important? Because this is not a Mustang, its a saleen, and as such, it has been treated as an object of some value rather than just a fast toy. The interior got a pretty throughout makeover as well, starting with deeply bolstered leather seats with saleen logos on their backs. Racy headrests, a few billet aluminum dress-up pieces, and saleen emblems in place of the Ford ovals remind you that youre in a special machine. There wasnt much need to reinvent the wheel with the gauges, which are bright and clear with slightly revised faces (premium fuel only certainly promises some fun), and the factory hvac controls are simple and effective. A kenwood am/fm/cd stereo replaces the original factory entertainment system and sounds spectacular and the 5-speed manual transmission gets a knob hewn from billet aluminum. Its all in very good condition with an inviting, lived-in look thats perfect for a performance car of distinction like this. And the trunk looks virtually untouched since 2005, another sure sign that this car has led an easy life. The 281 part of s281 stands for the 4.6 liter v8 under the hood. Saleen didnt add a lot of horsepower improvements to it, deciding that the factorys 260 horsepower was plenty. Instead, they focused on sharpening up the handling, including a racecraft strut tower brace that arches over the engine bay like a bridge. A mild engine recalibration and a high-flow air filter add some horsepower and the custom saleen exhaust system with center outlets was part of the appearance package that was functional as well as attractive. Upgraded springs and shocks, custom brake pad materials, and a few other tweaks make this the most razor-sharp Mustang youll ever drive, particularly with those giant 20-inch chrome alloys and their low-profile michelin rubber. Saleens are extremely well-documented, and as a result theyre also eminently collectable, so #05-126 here is a fantastic example thats afFordable and fun. Just dont let anyone call it a Ford. Call today! This vehicle is located in our dallas/fort worth showroom. For more information, please call or toll free .

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