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2005 Ford Mustang Photo Details
2005 Ford Mustang Photo
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2005 Ford Mustang
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
Transmission: Manual

**please note, this is not a real police car and is being sold as a collectible car only. Motoexotica is not affiliated with paramount pictures in any way. **motoexotica is proud to offer one of only 3 custom saleen Mustangs built by steve saleen for their role as a transforming police car in the 2007 movie blockbuster that we legally cannot tell you the name of. What we can tell you, is that if you purchase this car it will transform your life. Also, since it looks like a police car, youll be able to drive through most barricades. Steve saleen created only 3 transforming police cars for the film and this was the #1 car, also known as the camera car. It was heavily screen used in the movie due to its attention to detail and no damage. The car features all of the standard saleen options including 3v saleen modified engine, mated with a 5spd transmission, full saleen body kit, saleen hood, saleen sail panels, saleen rear wing, saleen 20 wheels, saleen leather interior, saleen gauges, saleen shifter, saleen badging, saleen suspension, saleen exhaust, saleen carbon fiber front chin, and saleen carbon fiber rear diffuser. For the film the fx department added a police front pushbar, state of the art police low-profile led lightbar, front and rear strobe lights, camera mounts, wilwood stunt brake line-lock, tinted windows, police decals, to punish and enslave decals, decepticon decals, and michael bays lucky number 643. All of the lights and strobes work with no problems and are operated by a control box on the right side of the center console. The paint on the car is nearly perfect with no major imperfections. The car has been well taken care of throughout the movie as well as after. Decals are all in good condition and not peeling off. The tires all have good tread life left on them and the wheels are free of any scuffs or curb rash. Inside, the car retains its original interior and has not been gutted like many of these movie cars. Both seats are in great condition with no wear as well as the carpet, dash, headliner and door panels. The most major modification to the car was taking off of the supercharger. Since this was a camera car that had microphones installed, the supercharger whine would have been picked up by the microphones. Due to this, the car does not have a supercharger installed currently. If desired, you can purchase a stock or aftermarket unit to be placed back on the car as it does not come with one. An interesting bit of trivia is that these cars were built by steve saleen as the prototypes for the s281 extreme. We have seen a lot of these movie cars and can honestly say that this is the cleanest movie car we have ever seen. It was purpose made for the movie and only has 7,200 original miles. The car is 100 treet legal and is being sold on a clean, missouri title with vin number 1zvft82h755115527. There is a discrepancy on the autocheck due to an error when the car was inspected. The inspector added the 5th digit by mistake. The car only showed 1,465.0 miles instead of 14,650. The miles are correct and actual for the car.

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